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Prospective graduate students

Pending funding, Dr. Song is looking to admit graduate students to start in Fall 2022.

I enjoy working closely with students to build expertise in the general area of diversity in hiring (personnel selection), individual differences, and research methodology. Through the mentorship, my goal is to help them become rigorous researchers who could bring positive impact to research of the workplace and the society by the time they graduate. To achieve this goal, I will be working closely with the students and provide them resources and connections to maximize their research and learning.

For potential students, research experience and methodological/statistical training will be considered as key strengths. Students who exhibit qualities of proactivity, conscientiousness, and excellent work ethics will especially be considered favorably. If you are interested in applying and want to learn more about my lab, feel free to email me at

Undergraduate research opportunity

Description of Undergraduate Participation

Our undergraduate research assistants will take part in a variety of hands-on research experiences and training, which include:

  • Literature review
  • Data management
  • Data analysis
  • Writing and presentation of research projects
  • Learning about recent research trends and discussion of research ideas in a weekly research meeting

Research assistants in my lab will have the opportunity to learn R and RStudio (programming language/statistical software) to conduct data analysis with real-world workplace data. Skill in R (and RStudio) is seen as prominent in graduate school application and by I-O psychology positions in data-driven companies (e.g., Google, Facebook).

Research Setting

  • Our research takes part in the laboratory space (in the Psychological Sciences building).
  • Part of the work could be carried out remotely (e.g., some work can be done from home).


Application material will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the semester.

Requirements and preferences:

  • GPA preferred above 3.3
  • Major in Psychology, Statistics, Computer Science or other related fields
  • Although not a requirement, preference is given to students who have taken PSY 272: Introduction to I-O Psychology, research methods, and other statistics courses

Contact Information

Please email Dr. Song at with the subject line “PSY390 Research Opportunity” to apply or learn more.

To apply, include the following materials in your email:

  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • Most recent unofficial transcript
  • A brief description of your research interests and career goals (250 words or less)
  • Number of hours you would like to work

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