Welcome to the Purdue Recruitment and Selection Research Lab Homepage! (Led by Dr. Q. Chelsea Song, Dept. of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University)

About the Lab

We conduct research on a variety of topics related to personnel selection (hiring practices).

Ongoing projects primarily focus on three topics:

  1. Enhancing diversity in the workplace
  2. Individual differences and person-job fit (e.g., longitudinal development of personality and vocational interests)
  3. Big data and machine learning applications in recruitment and selection

These topics aim to answer questions such as what predicts workplace outcome (e.g., personality, vocational interests), how to measure them (e.g., psychometrics), and how to make decisions (e.g., diversity in hiring, multiple-objective optimization).

Current Projects

Some ongoing projects in my lab include:

  • How can we make hiring decisions that simultaneously optimize multiple (more than one) hiring objectives (e.g., job performance, turnover, diversity in new hires)?
  • How can we use machine learning to measure personality based on text responses?
  • How would recruitment algorithms (e.g., recruitment ads) influence recruitment and selection outcomes?
  • How group representation influence workplace outcomes (e.g., job performance)?
  • How various recruitment and selection methods influence applicants from various demographic backgrounds?
  • The longitudinal change in individual differences (e.g., personality, interests).
  • How the changes interact with (i.e., influences and influenced by) job experiences (e.g., job satisfaction, turnover)?

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